About Us

The ASGC (Association of Scout & Guide Centres) is a peer-support organisation that covers all Scout & Guide owned and operated camp sites and activity centres and all such sites are welcome to join and benefit from the membership.

What we do:

  • Provision of an on-line Directory
    We do this through a separate, customer-facing website at www.campsite.directory where we list all member sites and operate a “TripAdvisor” style of reviews to help youth leaders find suitable sites to visit
  • Provision of centralised advertising
    Using our membership fees, we commission adverts in Scouting & Guiding magazines and other publications. We also fund other sources such as through social media and attendance at events such as Gilwell Reunion.
  • Provision of an annual conference
    Members rate this as one of the best parts of membership where they can come together to meet other camp site staff, volunteers and instructors to attend useful workshops and network together in a social setting.
  • Members Newsletter
    An internal newsletter goes out to all member sites, currently on an ad-hoc basis
  • Help & Advice
    Usually, where someone needs some help, another centre has already experienced the same issue and so we can usually signpost people to others who can help & give supporting advice.
  • Membership Plaque
    To proudly display to your customers that you are a member, we issue a plaque to each site on an annual basis once membership is renewed