Temperature Control

Thermostats. It is a good idea to make sure we save as much energy as possible and thermostats do just that.

With modern technology this can be achieved remotely from your Phone.

A remote temperature monitor is a thermometer that has been upgraded for the internet age. It’s a digital thermometer that tracks ambient changes in temperature. This sensor then streams the temperature data using wireless technology such as WiFi, Bluetooth or GSM. You receive the data via an online service to your computer or tablet, or by cellular service to your cell phone.

A bit out of my depth here so suggest you find a friendly trusted electrician to help out.

There are apparently three main systems (BUZZ words) to look out for –


That’s enough inside, unless you can tell me more, and please, please, do.


A must above every hand basin. Ensure silvered mirrored edges are sealed to prevent moisture ingress.

Sanitary Disposal Bins

Again make space for these essential items.

Are they a legal requirement? Strictly no, but you are legally required to provide sanitary conveniences

(i.e. washroom facilities) should be “suitable and sufficient”.
You can supply and empty your own.

Prices for services vary widely and you should shop around locally.
Brilliant Bins have always served the ASGC well.

Waste Bins

If designing from scratch make space for a waste bins near the exit.

Where do those lids go to?

Water Taps

Here we have a selection of non concussive and sensor taps.

Sensor taps operate from an infra red source, are expensive to purchase and require battery maintenance. Allegedly save up to 70% of water. May be good idea for disabled users.

UniSex Cubicles

Personally, would not recommend a total unisex use facility, but single room W.C. cubicle within a larger block solves the issue.

Service Area / Plant Area

By arranging the layout of the building a plant room or service area can make managing of the facility very simple.

All the pipework from urinals, hand basin and W.C’s are keep hidden and out of harms and eyes way. Back to the wall W.C. are a case in point.


LED concealed lighting throughout.

Saves loads of money and time changing bulbs. Keeps the customer happy when sitting at night.