Shower Cubicles

Individual cubical, with secure privacy.

Floor to ceiling walls, total privacy.

Low and minimum high door clearance desirable.

Consider 20mm thick door panel.

Bright décor. Seat. Linear gullies. Shelf. Hooks.

W.C. – Consider a cubicle in a female shower area.

Link –

Internal Wall Covering

Surely there can be no argument here? Simple case of finding a quality reputable tiler.

Colour – White. Size – Large.

Finish – Smooth crackle. (Surface reflects and breaks up. Also trendy at the moment.)

Reason for a fully tiled wall – Low maintenance, easy clean.


Under building regulations you will find that the volume of air contained within the building is required to be completely replaced every 15 – 30 minutes. Ventilation flow rate, air exchange rate all sorts of rates led to confuse. Vent Axia provide a simple table that make a complicated subject fairly simple –

Vent Axia Design Document

You can also go to for technical stuff. This inevitably requires the installation of extractor fans, louvres in doors and pipe works in the roofing space and designed by experts.

Underfloor Heating

I believe to be an absolute must. Efficient, effective and economic and O’h yes, “It’s ever so loverley in the winter”.

No radiators to avoid, clean, or drain, dries out the floor, very easy to control and keep clean.

Avoid expensive to run electric matting.

Floor Covering in Wet Rooms

Again there are several options here, ceramic tile, vinyl covering. However you cover the floor, do make sure there is a drainage point (Linear?) and that the gradient is a minimum of 1:100. 50mm Coving up the wall will assist keeping clean.

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Again all sorts of controversy here, but once again, having been there, done that got the dirty shirt to prove it.

Avoid, resist temptation, just don’t listen, just wait a little longer, steer clear of, and above all refrain from installing repairing or replacing a wooden sub floor joist or panelling.  Eventually, despite what it says on the tin, water will find its way in. You have been watered and warned!!!

Linear Shower Gullies

Another often contentious point is where and how can I get the water to flow away? After several years of trying circular, square and oval traps, the main reason for blockage was hair and space for it to just flow away. Solution – bigger pipes. Go for 100mm dia. pipes and a linear or inline system. This allows the space and water flow for the hair and other stuff to just pass away. Expensive but effective. The link below is just one supplier

Link – Linear Gullies