Who’s Sleeping Where?

On this page, we’ll add people as they are booked in and show which room they have been allocated to when we have the room allocation.

Day Visitors (No Accommodation booked)

Bunk Room

Twin Ensuite (FULL)

Sheila Betts – The Jarman Centre
Toni-ann Hammond – The Jarman Centre

Nigel Stapleton – Rough Close
Dave Hart – Rough Close

Single Ensuite (FULL)

Georgina Churchlow – Girlguiding Surrey West

Pete Sturgess – Bibbys Farm

Alan Crabb – Solent Scout Training centre

Mick Edwards – Solent Scout Training centre

Double Ensuite

Bronwen McNaney – Sudbrooke Park

Andy Moore – Hesley Wood
Luke Joseph – Hesley Wood

Matthew Bonewell – Thirtover Place

Bill Hindley – ASGC

David Hirst – Fanwood
Christine Pounder – Fanwood

Stevan Fern – Kibblestone

Shared Bunkroom

Amanda Booth – Hamlet Wood