Who’s Sleeping Where?

On this page, we’ll add people as they are booked in and show which room they have been allocated to.

Day Visitors (No Accommodation booked)


Main Building











 No  Style  Room Name  Name 1  Name 2  Name 3  Name 4
1 Twin Liverpool North East
2 Single Curlew Keeley Stephenson n/a n/a n/a
3 Single Lancashire North West
4 Single Northampton
5 Quad North Yorks South David Fox
(Forest Camp)
Liam Rowe
(Forest Camp)
Chris Pollard (Forest Camp) Thomas Bailey
(Forest Camp)
6 Single
7 Twin Durham North
8 Twin Isle of Man
9 Single Lancs ETG Stevan Fern
Full Full Full
10 Single Ribble Valley Matt Heath
Full Full Full
11 Single East Yorks Dawn Thorp
Full Full Full
12 Single Newcastle Upon Tyne Joan Munro
(Tawd Vale)
Full Full Full
13 Triple North Yorks NE
14 Twin St Helens
15 Triple Liverpool South
16 Quad Forest
17 Triple Lancashire SE
18 Triple Lancashire East
19 Twin Stockport
20 Quad Manchester
21 Single Nottingham
22 Twin Lincs North
23 Triple Leeds
24 Twin Durham South
25 Twin Whitford
26 Twin West Yorks North
27 Twin Lancs Border
28 Twin Gt Manchester West Bill Hindley
Sue Full Full
29 Single Lancs South

Dormitory Rooms

Damian King – Waddecar