Waterless Urinals

There several types of designs in this area. The very title is itself confusing and misleading. It should be headed Water Less, or Less Water, as most solutions appear to only reduce the amount of water used to clean, flush, disinfect or otherwise reduce odour. Replacement cartridges are expensive and I am not too sure how effective they are.  Any comments from practical experience would be very welcome. One of my last projects to complete was in fact a toilet and shower area, around most of which this article is constructed. I indeed fitted an air flush system, very simple and the concept seemed plausible, as most of them do by bombarding you with facts, flow rates, energy reduction issues.

However I left the site 11 years ago and completed the toilet project some nine ago. On wishing to write this article, I looked up the supplier and found this video, (don’t look know, do it later!)

I rang Colin, who I had left in charge and said, “Colin – You know that toilet block we built just after I left?” He said, “Yes.”.
I said, “When did you last clean the air flush urinal system?” He said. “I haven’t, should I have?” I quickly visited the said venue with Colin. On inspection the toilets smelt very clean and on opening the cleaning tube – nothing!!! The whole system had sat there quietly removing odour with absolutely no maintenance at all. Even the recommended weekly draining of the bowl had not been done. Only a regular wipe down with a damp cloth. The five watt fan that is the only cause of consumption of power and has a warranty of five years is still sitting there lifting odours into the atmosphere. Totally amazing feature, which I would thoroughly recommend. Absolutely hassle free.

Waterless Urinals

Note- I believe this is the only suppliers of the air flush system in the UK. Urinal Cost £103 +VAT, Complete kit £237, spare fan unit £84.

Note – some waterless cartridge suppliers claim savings of 30,000 gallons per year per urinal.

If this is true 30K gals = 113.5K litres this equates to 113.5 x £3.15/Cu M = £357.5 per year per urinal. Can’t be true – “Can it?”, JUST FOR POURING WATER DOWN THE DRAIN? Check it out please. I would love to be proved wrong.

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